Betting Numbers Explained: All the Numbers you need to KnowSports betting is a numbers game, but if you don’t understand the meaning of numbers in the game, it will definitely be hard for you to succeed in betting. Before you start developing any sports betting strategies, it is important to start learning all the major numbers used in sports betting and their values.

The most important facts:
Sports betting – all about numbers
Odds and probabilities expressed in fractions and decimal fractions
Examine all the different formats of the coefficients
Bet on 1×2 and above / below markets
To understand the distribution points and handicap bets
4 basic sports numbers and betting 1×2 explained
If you visit any betting page in Nigeria, you will immediately notice a large number of numbers on the screen. What are all these numbers and how do they affect the bets you make? Let’s find out.

Bet numbers are explained by understanding bet numbers-that’s half the deal

1. Rate Coefficients: The Numbers Represent The Value

Betting odds are the most important numbers you will need to understand on a sports betting website. Without understanding the odds, players would not know how much they cost to win, and it would be impossible to decide whether to bet.

In our betting guide, betting odds are explained down to the smallest detail, but we’ll also look at the most important aspects of it. There are three different betting formats. These three formats:

Decimal Odds: 2.00
Fractional Ratio: 1/1
US odds: + 100
All three examples above mean that the bet on the choice will bring double the money. In decimal proportions, a number is the number of units of bets that a player must win. In fractional proportions, the quantity is the bet / potential win. In us proportions, the number represents how much money a player can win if you bet $ 100 on a choice. In the example above, a bet of $ 100 each time will generate a profit of $ 100.

2. 1×2 Bets Explained

The simplest betting format, 1×2 bets are the ones you need to understand first. When you download any of the best sports betting in the world, you will be shown a screen full of betting on 1×2 markets in countless sports matches.

1×2 bets explained 1×2 bets on William Hill market
1×2 sports betting market allows users to bet on the winner of the match. 1 represents a win at home, 2 represents a win away, while x represents a draw, in a sport in which to draw. In some sports like tennis, this market becomes a 12 market and you can learn more about it in our guide to tennis betting strategies.

1×2 bets are the most common type of sports betting for a good reason. It’s simple, it’s easy to understand and the winner is always determined at the end of the game. However, with a winner sometimes so easy to predict, the 1×2 market can become worthless because betting on it will not give you any value.

3. Handicap betting: bet on any match at fair prices

3. Handicap betting: bet on any match at fair pricesAs we mentioned, the 1×2 market can sometimes leave you wanting to bet because betting on matches in which one team is a big favorite doesn’t make too much sense. Instead, you can bet on a handicap. There are two types of handicap betting that are often used in sports books, namely the Asian handicap and the European handicap.

The Asian handicap is the most commonly used handicap market and you will often find it in our betting tips. When you place a handicap bet, one of the competing teams basically starts the match with a certain number of goals or points. So you’re actually betting that the team won’t lose by a certain margin or lose by a margin greater than the one you’re betting on. Either way, you’ll get a better chance.

For example, suppose that Spain plays with Gibraltar in the qualifying tournament of the world Cup. Obviously Spain will win a huge percentage of the time and the 1×2 market share will be ridiculously low. Instead, you can bet on winning in Spain by more than 4 goals by betting on a handicap and giving Gibraltar odds of 4.5 goals.

In this case, the bet you choose,:

Spain: ah-4,5

Handicap betting is fantastic for other sports like baseball, American football and basketball and you can also bet on any match and you can try to find value in that market instead of just betting on heavy favorites to win the game.

4. Rates Above / Below

The Over / under market is another market where many professional sports players are trying to find some value. Examples of betting above / below can be found in many different sports. To get a quick illustration, here are some examples:

Football: Manchester United-Chelsea-over 2.5 goals
Basketball: real Madrid-CSKA Moscow-up to 150.5 points
In our example of football, it would take three goals for Manchester United against Chelsea to make a winning bid. In the basketball example, real Madrid and CSKA Moscow must score a total of 151 points in a match to bet on the winner. The Over / under market also applies to other things like the number of corners or yellow cards in a football match, etc.

Conclusion: working with numbers

Conclusion: working with numbersNow that you have a basic idea of what all these numbers are, it’s time to start applying them. You will need to understand each of the numbers involved in sports betting well and think even faster if you try to bet on some betting sites in Nigeria. Either way, your foundations are ready and it’s time to start building on them.


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