Betting Tips: Expert Tips for Sports BettingSports betting is something most people consider pretty good, but it takes a lot of effort to bet well. Fortunately, we are recruiting a team of sports experts who know exactly what it takes to win on some of the best sports betting and who have been doing it for years.

Current Betting Tips

The list below shows the most popular current betting tips. Select tips from the list and start placing your own bets at some betting locations in Nigeria or choose an international bookmaker to place your bets.

Poland-Senegal-19.06.2018-betting tips
Poland and Senegal are set to close out the first round on Tuesday afternoon in what could easily be a straight battle for second place with Colombia serving as group favourites. Making a difference would be a pretty huge challenge for both sides that day, given that Poland and Senegal have strengths […]

Egypt-Uruguay-15.06.2018-betting tips
Egypt and Uruguay will complete the first round in the group and the second day of the world Cup as they meet at the Yekaterinburg arena. All eyes will be on Mohamed Salah and his fitness as his involvement in this case will be a decision during Argentina Manager Hector’s game […]

Croatia V Senegal-8. June 2018-betting tips
Croatia will host Senegal in the final game of both teams before opening their account at the 2018 FIFA world Cup.years. This upcoming match is of paramount importance for both teams as their world Cup preparations have not quite gone as they had hoped up to this point. It’s always great to be in a big tournament like […]

England V Costa Rica-7. June 2018-betting tips
Current Betting TipsEngland and Costa Rica will meet 7. June 2018. like the last friendly before the world Cup. The match is important for both teams as they have recently undergone indifferent preparations for the upcoming world Cup. Costa Rica sent Northern Ireland 3-nil in their last game, but it was a team […]

Italy-Netherlands-04.06.2018-betting tips
Monday’s friendly at the Allianz arena in Turin will be the summit of the summer for these two European giants, who both do not qualify for the world Cup in Russia. While failure is nothing new for a new generation of Dutch footballers, many experts have failed to predict Italy’s downfall […]

England V Nigeria-02.06.2018-betting tips
The first of two tests for the three lions before Russia’s world Cup comes on Saturday afternoon, when one of Africa’s most talented parties arrives at Wembley. Nigeria will certainly provide a solid test for a young English side who will have to work hard to deliver high-quality counterparts […]

Real Madrid-Liverpool-26.05.2018-betting tips
The whole season comes down to one occasion, a Grand final that will soon give the answer that the team will take on Champions League glory. Real may not have had the best campaigns in the nationals, where they lost the Primera Division title battle in the first half […]

Barcelona vs real Madrid-6. may 2018-betting tips
With its weekend victories over La Coruna Deportivo, Barcelona sealed Los Angeles ‘ Spanish League title and became Champions for the seventh time in the last ten years. What’s more, their impressive road trip without a single loss continues, and they are now just four games away from ending the season without […]

Burnley-Leicester-14.04.2018-betting tips
The Premier League enters its final stage in just 6 rounds and the two teams that consistently follow the big six of English football throughout the season will meet on Burnley’s turf desert. The clarets have been in absolute turmoil of late with four consecutive wins, the last three of which […]

Juventus – real Madrid-03.04.2018-betting tips
The UEFA Champions League quarter-finals are upon us and the first game scheduled by the two major European giants will meet in a replay of last season’s UCL final when Juventus host real Madrid at their Allianz stadium in Turin. These two sides have historically been evenly selected and have both […]

Everton-Manchester city-31.03.2017-betting tips
We are entering the final part of the season in the Premier League and Manchester city, but he won the title with 16 points from 8 games to go. In fact, if they continue the same way, they may well win the title in just a few weeks, but the next day […]

Australia V England-23.11.2017-betting tips
The old rivals go into a tie with 32 wins each in the previous 69 meetings in the senior competition. Two years ago, Australia arrived in England in good spirits, hoping to retain the ashes. England had a strong resistance in the first test in Cardiff when they stunned the Australians, who bounced back immediately […]

Roger Federer vs Alexander Zverev-14.11.2017-betting tips
Both men got off to a winning start to the season, beating the likes of Jack Sock and Marin Chilich in Sunday’s Affairs. While the Swiss superstar won a significant 50. winning the season, the German managed to score his first win in his debut performance in front of a London audience […]

Leicester city-Manchester city-18.11.2017-betting tips
Former EPL Champions Leicester city host the leaders at the King Power stadium on Saturday afternoon. Twelve games into the season, Leicester finally catch some rhythm while the visitors move confidently ahead; eight points clear at the top of the table. We look closely at the two sides and present you our Leicester […]

If you open any of the above betting tips, you will notice that our tips are not randomly generated. In fact, every tip is a product of careful analysis and preparation that takes many hours of work to create, but it’s definitely worth it. Keep reading and learn about the betting tips development process with extensive analysis.

Knowledge is power: an analysis of the team
Sports betting should be done based on statistics, logic and extensive knowledge of the sport in question, not guesswork or guesswork. That’s why we approach every sports match as a problem to be solved and our experts understand exactly how to solve it.

The first step in preparing any betting tips is an extensive statistical analysis of the teams in question. This is done partly manually and partly using computer programs that process statistics and provide a baseline for all potential bets.

Betting tips our betting experts will help you make the best bets

Our experts also look at very specific elements in the game, such as the mood in the teams, the latest media reports of any quarrels or insider information of any kind that can be used to get an idea of how the match might end.

Once all elements are accounted for,tips will be made if a good enough bet is found. For example, we won’t insist on tipping when we don’t see any value in the options on offer. Instead, we look for those matches in which the odds offered by the bookmakers provide clear value for the players.

Access to different sports from different angles
While sports betting may seem like a special activity, each sport is very special in its own way and there are many things to consider before betting. That’s why our betting experts approach each sport in a very unique way and we have people working on each of the most popular sports.

Tips For Football
On most continents, including Africa, football is one of the most popular sports. That’s why football tips and predictions take up most of our time and why so many football tips can be found on our website. Check out our extensive English Premier League betting tips and other football tips created by carefully analysing the teams and players involved in each match and learning from our betting experts.


Cricket Betting Tips
FOOTBALL BETTING TIPS " PREMIER LEAGUE BETTING TIPSCricket is another globally popular sport that has captured the imagination of many sports betting enthusiasts due to the unique gameplay and betting market. That’s why we have a separate team of experts working to create cricket boards. Our cricket betting reviews try to get a clear picture of upcoming matches and find value bets for you whenever possible.

Tips For Betting On Tennis
Tennis is a sport watched by millions of fans, so it’s no surprise that our betting experts are also interested in them. Our team regularly works on tennis betting tips, especially when major ATP events are held, but if there’s value in a Challenger match, we’ll be sure to toss it up for you.

Baseball Betting Tips
Our bookmakers are always looking for good options, and baseball is a big enough sport that always has a lot of value bets. Our baseball betting tips section may not have as much betting prediction as some other sports, but our users will definitely find a lot of useful things in every bet we set there.

CS: GO betting tips
Our expert betting tips extend in addition to traditional sports as from time to time we include CS: GO betting in our tips. If you’re an eSports fan, be sure to check out our CS: GO betting tips for some of the best predictions and reviews of upcoming CS: GO matches.


Pinnacle Sports Betting tips Get the best value for money on our Pinnacle Sports betting tips

Profit with our betting tips

Our sports betting tips were created solely to help our users perform better when they bet on sports and cancel out the bookmaker’s advantage. Here are some tips on how you can use our betting predictions and make them work for you.

Copying tips: copying tips is the easiest and fastest way to use them. Each betting tip is for a specific sports bet, so simply copying the bets we offer is likely to make you a lot of money in the long run.

Learn how to bet: reading our sports betting tips and analysis on a regular basis will help you understand how sports betting works, and the best bets on their own. Be sure to read our reviews regularly and you’ll learn a lot about the sport and the teams involved.
Net bonuses: if you are looking for decent bets that will help you meet your welcome bonus betting requirements, then our betting tips will give you just that. While we cannot guarantee profits, we can guarantee that our bets are good values and made with the right logic.

Decide: do you have doubts about your betting choices? Check out our betting tips and see what our betting experts have to say about upcoming matches. If we agree with you, it’s probably worth it.

Be a star: by following our betting tips, you are sure to be a star with your friends because you will have a better understanding of upcoming games and potential bets than most of them. If nothing else, feel free to use our betting tips to talk about the intricacies of the games at your fingertips.

Make smarter bets with our betting tips

Our betting tips are created through careful analysis and through hours of dedicated work. If you don’t have time to do all the analysis yourself or you’re not experienced enough to know what to look for in each bet, feel free to use our free betting tips today and start making money from the bets we’ve come up with. At the end of the day, it’s our job and we love helping other players.


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